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Global LafargeHolcim Awards

Models for megacities, urban communities, and rural villages win top prizes

Zurich, Switzerland

Global LafargeHolcim Awards Gold

“Hydropuncture” – A sophisticated design at a scale with real impact.

Mexico City, Mexico


“A compelling and appealing solution” – Alejandro Aravena

Global LafargeHolcim Awards Silver

“Legacy Restored” – A civic space open to all in the village.

Dandaji, Niger


“A cultural connection and new dimension on sustainability” – Alejandro Aravena

Global LafargeHolcim Awards Bronze

“Grassroots Microgrid” – A new economic paradigm for community renewal.

Detroit, USA


“Community-driven responses to issues facing many cities” – Alejandro Aravena

Global Awards Ideas prize

“Refrigerating Jar” – Passive cooling that enhances the economic viability of agriculture.

Karaga, Ghana


“Powerful idea for empowerment” – Francis Kéré

Global Awards Ideas prize

“Cooling Roof” – Prototype using water on the roof as a thermal insulator and solar reflector.

Cherry Valley, CA, USA


“An idea worthy of further exploration” – Stuart Smith

Global Awards Ideas prize

“Territorial Figure” – Infrastructure-landscape project for tidal generated electric power.

Punta Loyola, Argentina


“Un gran éxito para Latinoamérica” – Alejandro Aravena

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