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Project Summary

Synanthropic Suburbia in Canada

Retrofitting residential neighborhoods

Invention of so-called “ecological prosthetics” as habitats for birds, bats, and raccoons in suburban neighborhoods across Canada’s Ontario province.

The project’s author proposes a set of small interventions for animal residents normally neglected in any design or planning process – in this case, raccoons, chimney swifts, tree swallows, blue birds, barn owls, and brown bats, all native species to the region.

Project Timeline

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Next Generation prizes: The future is in their hands
“Creating entirely new architectural vocabularies”
Project Entry 2017 for North America
Project Details
Markham, Ontario, Canada
Sarah Gunawan
Main Author
Sarah Gunawan
University of Waterloo, School of Architecture, Canada
"Next Generation" 3rd prize 2017
North America
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