LafargeHolcim Foundation Prize Winning Projects in Sustainable Construction

Project Summary

Relational Urbanism in Canada

Protocol for agent-based neighborhood transformation

Protocol for the agent-based transformation of a neighborhood of Vancouver, Canada foregrounding stakeholder participation and its effects on architectural form. 

The project identifies a set of rules for establishing a sustainable urban neighborhood. Instead of relying on a pre-established urban patterns, the strategy foregrounds a number of important criteria that are to be collectively negotiated by stakeholders in order to define the neighborhood’s future development.

Project Timeline

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Next Generation winner develops holistic visioning for communities
Next Generation prizes: The future is in their hands
“A method for a step-by-step urban densification to create an urban commons”
Project Entry 2017 for North America
Project Details
Vancouver, Canada
Jason Heinrich
Main Author
Jason Heinrich
University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada
"Next Generation" 2nd prize 2017
North America
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