LafargeHolcim Foundation Prize Winning Projects in Sustainable Construction

Project Summary

Meta(bio)lism in Taiwan

Exploring resilient ecosystems

Meta(bio)lism is conceived as research platform exploring the relationship between human construction and natural ecosystems in the city of Taichung in Taiwan.

Material stocks and flows are addressed at multiple scales, ranging from studies of local materials, to the investigation of construction assemblies at the building scale, as well as examinations of urban patterns at the territorial scale.

Project Timeline

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Next Generation prizes: The future is in their hands
“An exuberant deployment of architectural and technical means”
Project Entry 2017 for Asia Pacific
Project Details
Taichung, Taiwan
Tzu-Jung Huang
Main Author
Tzu-Jung Huang
Feng Chia University, Taiwan
"Next Generation" 4th prize 2017
Asia Pacific
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