LafargeHolcim Foundation Prize Winning Projects in Sustainable Construction

Project Summary

Low-rise, high-density in China

Participatory village transformation

The proposal delivers proof of how modernization might evolve within the context of a rural village, without taking recourse to tabula rasa strategies.

Due respect is given to traditional building morphologies, while allowing the built fabric to be improved and technically upgraded in time.

Project Timeline

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Next Generation prizes: The future is in their hands
“Bridging the gap between historic preservation and the need to modernize“
Project Entry 2017 for Asia Pacific
Project Details
Guming near Nanjing, China
Mengyuan Zhu
Main Author
Mengyuan Zhu
Southeast University, China
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Further Authors
Xing Yifan
Southeast University, China
"Next Generation" 1st prize 2017
Asia Pacific
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