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Project Summary

Low-cost apartments incorporating smart materials

The design scheme addresses the future of the city of Hamburg as a high-performing and attractive 21st century metropolis. The brief for the Smart Material House required proposals for innovative building techniques and materials for a public housing project in a less developed neighborhood.

The units range in size between 90 and 225 square meters, and incorporate fast-growth fir decking slabs with pre-fabricated infra-lightweight concrete walls.

Project Timeline

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“An outstanding achievement in terms of concrete technology, typology, and energy efficiency in the context of affordable housing” – Holcim Innovation Prize Jury
“House of cards” with smart materials wins Global Innovation prize
Smart concrete, natural clay – and good architecture
Holcim Awards 2011/12 winners from Germany: Exhibition and talks at AEDES Network Campus in Berlin
Smart Materials House wins Innovation prize for materials and technology breakthroughs
Acknowledgement prize for Smart Materials House in Hamburg
“Innovative concept for construction and materials in the context of lower-income communities” – Holcim Awards Jury
Project Entry 2011 for Region Europe
Project Details
Hamburg, Germany
Frank Barkow
Main Author
Frank Barkow
Barkow Leibinger, Germany
Regine Leibinger
Further Authors
Regine Leibinger
Barkow Leibinger, Germany
Acknowledgement prize 2011
Innovation 2nd prize 2012
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