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Project Summary

Grassroots Microgrid in Michigan

Bottom-up neighborhood planning

This neighborhood-scale project reimagines empty lots as collective infrastructure for energy and food production, as well as civic engagement, Detroit, MI, USA.

Building on long-term community engagement, the large group of collaborators proposes a pilot project for local energy and food production, water and waste management, and community empowerment.

Project Timeline

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Celebrations start at home
Gold: Comprehensive neighborhood planning in Detroit, USA
“An opportunity to create a compelling sustainable neighborhood”
Project Entry 2017 for North America
Project Details
Detroit, USA
Constance C. Bodurow
Main Author
Constance C. Bodurow
studio[Ci], USA
No photo available
Further Authors
David Cross
It Starts at Home (IS@H), USA
Gold 2017
North America
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Grassroots Microgrid: Gold 2017 North America
Grassroots Microgrid: Gold 2017 North America

Bottom-up neighborhood planning, Detroit, USA - The design proposal for a neighborhood in Detroit repositions …

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