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Project Summary

Efficient fabrication system for geometrically complex building elements

Cast on Cast, efficient and sustainable fabrication process is focused upon the development of a smart but simple methodology to design and prefabricate building elements with complex geometries, which is resource efficient and considerably reduces construction waste.

Complex geometries are utilized in contemporary architecture for the construction of concrete or mortar building envelopes, partition walls, horizontal and vertical shading elements and pavements.

Project Timeline

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Pursuing passion for innovation
Lluis Enrique, On Making Complex Things Simple
Casting an eye on precast design
“A new approach to production of complex geometric shapes that overcomes the dilemma of high materials use to achieve a sculptural dialog” – Holcim Innovation Prize Jury
Towards waste-free concrete fabrication without conventional molds
Project that considers the design of free and ambitious shapes, as well as the material efficiency and economic performance wins Innovation Prize
Top “Next Generation” prize to efficient cast concrete fabrication system for complex building elements
“Innovative new method of designing and fabricating geometrically complex building elements” – Holcim Awards Jury
Project Entry 2011 for Region Europe
Project Details
London, United Kingdom
Povilas Cepaitis
Main Author
Povilas Cepaitis
AA School of Architecture, United Kingdom
Lluis Enrique Monzo
Further Authors
Lluis Enrique Monzo
AA School of Architecture, United Kingdom
"Next Generation" 1st prize 2011
Innovation 3rd prize 2012
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