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Project Summary

Cricket Shelter in New York

Modular edible insect farm

This pavilion demonstrates the possibility of local insect farming as a form of protein with low-resource intensity, New York, United States.

This project proposes an alternative to animal meat production that emits just 1 % of the greenhouse gas emissions and requires 0.001 % of the land to produce the same amount of protein annually when compared to beef production.

Project Timeline

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Acknowledgement prizes: Humans, water, and nature
“Exuberant architectural expression calling attention to the possibilities of insect farming”
Project Entry 2017 for North America
Project Details
New York City, USA
Mitchell Joachim
Main Author
Mitchell Joachim
Terreform ONE, USA
Maria Aiolova
Further Authors
Maria Aiolova
Terreform ONE, USA
Acknowledgement prize 2017
North America
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Cricket Shelter: Acknowledgement 2017 North America
Cricket Shelter: Acknowledgement 2017 North America

Modular edible insect farm, New York City, USA - This pavilion is a demonstration of an urban farming system that …

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