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Project Summary

Construction in vivo - Microstructure research for building skins

Microstructure research for building skins seeks to develop a sustainable skin which offers construction without joints, as well as load-bearing, ventilation, thermal and noise insulation, and changing light penetration capacities.

Both high-tech and traditional building materials are involved in this interdisciplinary project combining design, materials science and engineering.

Project Timeline

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“Next Generation” prizes for project visions
“A visionary and novel idea” – Holcim Awards Jury
Project Entry 2008 for North America
Project Details
Cambridge, MA, USA
Neri Oxman
Main Author
Neri Oxman
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
John Anastasios Hart
Further Authors
John Anastasios Hart
University of Michigan, USA
"Next Generation" 1st prize 2008
North America
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