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LafargeHolcim Building Better Recognition

The first LafargeHolcim Building Better Recognition for region Europe was presented to Gilles Delalex and his team from Muoto Architecture Studio for their low-cost flexible university building Lieu de vie campus hub at the University of Paris-Saclay. This is the fifth time the LafargeHolcim Awards competition has been conducted and more than 200 projects have been awarded worldwide. Over half are either soon to be built or have been completed. Thus, the LafargeHolcim Awards are not about castles in the air, but about tangible measures that advance the science of construction. This element of real change is underscored by a prize that is awarded for the first time in 2017: the “LafargeHolcim Building Better Recognition”.

VIDEO: Public Condenser: Building Better Recognit…The Building Better Recognition is awarded for a winning project from a previous competition, one which has been built and has stood the test of time as a particularly successful example of sustainable building. In Europe, this recognition went to Gilles Delalex and his team from Muoto Architecture Studio in Paris. The architects excelled in accommodating infrastructure for eight universities under the roof of a highly economical and cost-efficient building. The project won LafargeHolcim Awards Silver in 2014. The building was completed in 2016 and stands as proof that theory can indeed exist in practice.

Last Updated: September 28, 2017
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Marseille, France
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