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Tom Avermaete

“The Global South offers a fertile basis to reconsider some of the prime characteristics …
“The Global South offers a fertile basis to reconsider some of the prime characteristics and potentials of infrastructure in the domain of architecture.” – Tom Avermaete, Chair in Methods & Analysis, Department of Architecture, TU Delft, Netherlands.


Tom Avermaete is Chair in Methods & Analysis in the Department of Architecture at the Technical University of Delft (TU Delft) in the Netherlands.

He has special research interest in the post-war public realm and the architecture of the city in Western and non-Western contexts.

His PhD focused on the work of the French contributors to the Team 10 group: Candilis-Josic-Woods.

He has taught at Copenhagen University, Denmark (1996-2005); the Catholic University of Leuven, the Netherlands (1997-2003); and was coordinator of the Centre for Flemish Architectural Archives (2003-06).

He is the author of Another Modern: the Post-War Architecture and Urbanism of Candilis-Josic-Woods (2005) and editor of Wonen in Welvaart: Woningbouw en wooncultuur in Vlaanderen (2007); Architectural Positions: On Architecture, Modernity and the Public Sphere (2009); Colonial Modern: Aesthetics of the Past, Rebellions for the Future (2010); Structuralism Reloaded: Rule-Based Design in Architecture and Urbanism (2011); Hotel Lobbies: Anonymous Domesticity and Public Discretion (2013); and Making a New World? Re-Forming and Designing Modern Communities (2013).

He is an editor of OASE Architectural Journal, The Nordic Journal of Architecture and one of the initiators of the research and exhibition project In the Desert of Modernity: Colonial Planning and After (Berlin 2008, Casablanca 2009, Marseille 2013).

Tom Avermaete was a workshop expert on doors and passages at the 5th International Forum for Sustainable Construction dedicated to “Infrastructure Space” held April 7-9, 2016 in Detroit, USA.

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