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Ethical standards and social inclusion – People

Tragedy as opportunity: The master plan for the reconstruction of the Chilean city of …
Tragedy as opportunity: The master plan for the reconstruction of the Chilean city of Constitución which was struck by a tsunami in 2010 produces new and enhanced urban space by responding to “geographical threats” with “geographical answers”, as architect Alejandro Aravena (Elemental, Santiago de Chile) describes it. His project (pictured above) won Holcim Awards Silver 2011 Latin America and includes public infrastructure and housing.

Definition – Ethical standards and social inclusion – People

Projects must adhere to the highest ethical standards and promote social inclusion at all stages of construction, from planning and building to use and servicing; to ensure an enduring positive impact on communities. Proposals must demonstrate how they enhance the collective realm.

  • Adherence to ethical standards in all phases of the project.
  • Contributions to the formation of socially-viable environments, strengthening of shared values and empowerment of communities.
  • Participation of stakeholders, including users, clients, neighborhood affiliations, local authorities and non-governmental organizations.
  • Quality of working conditions in the construction industry and including on site; with specific attention given to fair compensation, adequate benefits, safety and gender equality.
  • Political transparency, unbiased processes and commitment to principled interaction, just practices, all in the effort to prevent corruption at every level.
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