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Contextual and aesthetic impact – Place

Building within a building: Adopting a concept as a response to the extremely hot …
Building within a building: Adopting a concept as a response to the extremely hot semi-arid climate, the primary healthcare center near Dharmapuri in India distinguishes between a high-tech medical core and a low-tech surrounding layer. The latter serves as shaded waiting space. This project by Flying Elephant Studio in Bangalore won a Holcim Awards Acknowledgement prize 2011 Asia Pacific, and was operational at the end of that year.

Definition – Contextual and aesthetic impact – Place

Projects must convey a high standard of architectural quality as a prevalent form of cultural expression. With space, form and aesthetic impact of utmost significance, the material manifestation of the design must make a positive and lasting contribution to the physical, human and cultural environment.

  • Improvement of existing contextual conditions responding to the natural and built environment.
  • Interdependencies of landscape, infrastructure, urban fabric and architecture.
  • Working with the given building stock through sensitive restoration, re-use or re-modeling of the built environment.
  • Inventive programming strategies in terms of use, multiplicity of functions, short-term flexibility and long-term adaptability.
  • Architectural quality and aesthetic impact, specifically concerning space, spatial sequences, movement, tactility of materials, light and ambiance.
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