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1st Holcim Roundtable 2014 – “Re-materializing construction”


1st Holcim Roundtable 2014 – “Re-materializing construction”

The Roundtable brought together experts from different fields – material scientists, engineers, architects, sociologists, historians, policy makers, and industry leaders – to devise a clear agenda for retooling and reorienting construction towards a more sustainable future. The expert papers derived from the workshop are available below.



Re-materializing Construction? Labels and videos
Re-materialization … after the Roundtable
Critical questions in achieving “zero-material construction”
How to make sustainability sexy?
A building like a tree, a city like a forest
An ambition to drive change
Dematerializing multiple worlds
What buildings do?
A few notes from a discussion about de-materialization
Let’s create the Institute for the Study of Urban Metrics (ISUM)
The absence of debate
We “Re-materialize”
We have to be more radical
Dematerialization on scale
Re-materalization: the future of material use in building
Roundtable Details

“Re-materializing construction”: Contributing to a leaner industry
June 30 to July 2, 2014

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