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Project Summary

Vertical Restructuring

High-rise tower rehabilitation

The project revisits a 1970s high-rise in the center of Nantes suffering from the problematic modernist creed of functional separation, which prevents the structure from being integrated into the urban fabric.

The scheme aims to transform the existing structure into a “vertical city”, filled with multiple activities. The proposed design deploys public space as a means to link the existing cityscape with the new public spaces of the tower.

Project Timeline

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Proposing an understanding of architecture enriched by multifunctional relationships
“Next Generation” prize to a high-rise tower rehabilitation
“A process of transformation rather than erasure” – Holcim Awards Jury
Project Entry 2014 Europe
Project Details
Nantes, France
Grégoire Arthuis
Main Author
Grégoire Arthuis
"Next Generation" 5th prize 2014
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