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Project Summary

Urban transit corridor and river remediation master plan

Taking Mexico City as a tangible study case, Regenerating La Piedad River reflects on the growth of mega cities and societies’ reliance on individual motorized traffic systems, leading to the environmental degradation of ecosystems worldwide.

What is intended is the regeneration of living systems to perpetuate self-renewing patterns instead of their contamination and rapid degradation – proposing a fundamental change in societies’ relationship with the environment.

Project Timeline

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Green urban corridor plan wins Acknowledgement prize
“Visionary strength, calling for strategic debates” – Holcim Awards Jury
Project Entry 2011 for Region Latin America
Project Details
Mexico City, Mexico
Elias Cattan
Main Author
Elias Cattan
Taller13 Arquitectura Regenerativa, Mexico
Delfin Montañana
Further Authors
Delfin Montañana
Taller13 Arquitectura Regenerativa, Mexico
Acknowledgement prize 2011
Latin America
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