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Interlocking panelized timber building system

Timber-Link uses cross laminated timber (CLT) to form a flexible system of clustered inhabitable cells. Building panels are prefabricated with insulation and cladding installed before assembly, thus expediting erection and reducing the need for skilled labor on site – especially for situations requiring speedy construction such as disaster relief.

The system can be deployed at different scales, configurations, and circumstances. Layouts can vary through stacking and/or telescoping.

Project Timeline

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Revisiting concepts pertaining to prefabrication in architecture
“Next Generation” 4th prize
“Turning a quasi-neutral and anonymous system into site-specific architecture” – Holcim Awards Jury
Project Entry 2014 for North America
Project Details
Cape Dorset, Nunavut, Canada
Jonathan Enns
Main Author
Jonathan Enns
Enns Design/solidoperations, Canada
"Next Generation" 4th prize 2014
North America
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“Sustainability? Engaging local labor” – Jonathan Enns
“Sustainability? Engaging local labor” – Jonathan Enns

“Timber-Link: Interlocking panelized timber building system” won the “Next Generation” 4th prize. The project creates …

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