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Project Summary

School infrastructure from local resources

Education is an important building block of sustainable development. The project, School infrastructure from local resources, transforms schools into community centers of lifelong learning. Here, sustainable livelihoods training can take place – energy efficiency, renewable energy use, rainwater harvesting and local food production are all part of the program.

Project Timeline

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A big tick from educationalists and green architects
Sustainable construction projects applauded across Africa Middle East
“A comprehensive approach to lifelong learning in rural areas” – Holcim Awards Jury
Project Entry 2008 for Africa Middle East
Project Details
Vryheid, South Africa
Steve Kinsler
Main Author
Steve Kinsler
East Coast Architects, South Africa
Derek Van Heerden
Further Author
Derek Van Heerden
East Coast Architects , South Africa
Acknowledgement prize 2008
Middle East Africa
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