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Project Summary

Reinvigorated waterways for transportation and sustainable development

The project is designed for the UNESCO World Heritage listed Pantanal Conservation Area, a complex landscape encompassing 200,000 square km of lakes, rivers and wetlands in the border area between Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay.

The strategic importance of the area for the South American interior is identified, both through an investigation of its potential as a transportation route between the ocean harbors and the inland.

Project Timeline

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“Next Generation” prize for post-graduate student vision for sustainable waterways
“A holistic approach from large scale to micro-level” – Holcim Awards Jury
Project Entry 2011 for Region Latin America
Project Details
Puerto Suárez, Bolivia
Martin Fernández de Lema
Main Author
Martin Fernández de Lema
FADU - Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentina
"Next Generation" 2nd prize 2011
Latin America
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