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Project Summary

Passive floodplain agricultural system

Helix structures 100m in diameter made of concrete and steel are positioned into the Nile River canyon. With 90% of the water and 96% of the transported sediment carried by the Nile originating in Ethiopia, the agricultural system collects the fertile soil the river carries during the flood season.

Computer analysis of water flows and dynamics optimize the capture of sediment onto the structure. During the dry season, the towers emerge from the water and lay open the soil for cultivation.

Project Timeline

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Korean team win “Next Generation” prize for project in Ethiopia
“Re-inventing cultivation in a visionary and innovative way” – Holcim Awards Jury
Project Entry 2011 for Region Africa Middle East
Project Details
Gohatsion, Ethiopia
Wonjoon Han
Main Author
Wonjoon Han
University of Seoul, South Korea
Gunho Kim
Further Author
Gunho Kim
University of Seoul , South Korea
"Next Generation" 2nd prize 2011
Middle East Africa
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