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Project Summary


Historic village reconstruction

The design proposes a post-earthquake reconstruction of Xueshan, Sichuan, a historic village known as the hometown of the panda in China. Focusing on the unique local characteristics of the site, the project uses bamboo as the main building material and revives traditional construction techniques. Approximately 50 houses will be rebuilt and a small number of new structures erected, including a hotel, panda museum, memorial hall and raised platforms for panda watching. 

Project Timeline

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Holcim Awards – Your Choice – 1st prize winner
Intelligently referring to tradition while acknowledging the present
“Sustainability? The balance between development and preservation” – Zhe Peng
Top “Next Generation” prize to project in China
“A subtle balance between ‘the old’ and ‘the new’” – Holcim Awards Jury
Project Entry 2014 for Asia Pacific
Project Details
Xueshan, China
Zhe Peng
Main Author
Zhe Peng
Harvard University, Graduate School of Design (GSD), USA
Zhenru Zhou
Further Authors
Zhenru Zhou
Princeton University, USA
"Next Generation" 1st prize 2014
Asia Pacific
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“Sustainability? The balance between development and preservation” – Zhe Peng
“Sustainability? The balance between development and preservation” – Zhe Peng

Zhe Peng from the Graduate School of Design (GSD) at Harvard University says his “Next Generation” 1st prize-winning …

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