LafargeHolcim Foundation Prize Winning Projects in Sustainable Construction

Project Summary

Low-impact environmentally-responsive house

In the harsh climate of the Cape coast, this Low impact environmentally responsive house works with, not against, the elements. Its light, open frame-like structure blurs the boundaries between inner and outer space.

An emphasis on resource conservation and recycling ensures independence from public utility networks – a direct response to climate and context.

Project Timeline

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Sustainable construction projects applauded across Africa Middle East
“A resource-conserving and spatially-inspiring dwelling” – Holcim Awards Jury
Project Entry 2008 for Africa Middle East
Project Details
Cape Town, South Africa
Jessica Tami Cohen
Main Author
Jessica Tami Cohen
Architecture co-op, South Africa
Andrew Justin Cooke
Further Authors
Andrew Justin Cooke
Architecture co-op, South Africa
Acknowledgement prize 2008
Middle East Africa
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