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Project Summary

Latex Formwork

Concrete wall panel construction method

The research project investigates a new construction method for creating thin concrete panels. The faceted formwork includes a substructure of flexible wire mesh providing basic geometry, and a lining made of a latex sheet that determines the panel’s final form.

The proposed method aims to reduce the weight of concrete molds and the amount of material used in construction.

Project Timeline

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Exploring knowledge production that merges academic and practical work
“Next Generation” 6th prize
“Establishing a dialog between the workshop and the design atelier” – Holcim Awards Jury
Project Entry 2014 for North America
Project Details
Cambridge, MA, USA
Namjoo Kim
Main Author
Namjoo Kim
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
"Next Generation" 6th prize 2014
North America
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“Sustainability? Focusing on lightweight and reusable molds” – Namjoo Kim
“Sustainability? Focusing on lightweight and reusable molds” – Namjoo Kim

“Latex Formwork: Concrete wall panel construction method” won the “Next Generation” 6th prize. The project investigates …

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