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Project Summary

The mysterious story of the garden that makes water

This project for a public garden in Spain is merited for making a beneficial contribution to a characteristically dry region. The scheme makes the most of the existing qualities of the site in order to maximize water retention.

Also commended is the proposal for time phasing. Whereas priority is given to water recycling, careful guidelines are provided for gradual development of the park. This ensures that no resources are wasted.

Project Timeline

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Capturing economic and botanical vitality
Garden blooms as finances flow
Prizes for sustainable construction projects in Europe
“Capitalizing on the inherent qualities of the topography” – Holcim Awards Jury
Project Entry 2005 for Europe
Project Details
Cehegín, Spain
Monica García Fernández
Main Author
Monica García Fernández
Javier Rubio Montero
Further Authors
Javier Rubio Montero
Acknowledgement prize 2005
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