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Project Summary

Evolutionary Infrastructure

Adaptive reuse of a parking structure for cultural activities

This project explores the concept and potential of adaptive post-occupation of unused infrastructure. Using a parking garage the scheme proposes to convert the “found” structure – an “objet trouvé” in the city, so to speak – into a public building hosting a range of cultural activities.

The stacked floors of the garage and its circulation ramp are literally re-used to accommodate new functions.

Project Timeline

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Creating a spatial and social interface between the city and its inhabitants
“Next Generation” 5th prize
“An intrinsic ideological stance and ethical posture” – Holcim Awards Jury
Project Entry 2014 for North America
Project Details
San Francisco, USA
Mark Turibius Jongman-Sereno
Main Author
Mark Turibius Jongman-Sereno
Harvard University, USA
Mira Irawan
Main Author
Mira Irawan
New York University (NYU), USA
David O’Brien
Main Author
David O’Brien
Iowa State University, USA
"Next Generation" 5th prize 2014
North America
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“Sustainability? Re-using the footprint” – Mark Jongman-Sereno
“Sustainability? Re-using the footprint” – Mark Jongman-Sereno

“Next Generation” 5th prize-winner “Evolutionary Infrastructure: Adaptive reuse of a parking structure for cultural …

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