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Project Summary

Energy and water efficient border control station

This project has an explicit function as a border control station on the US frontier to Canada, thus needing to meet a range of stringent regulations for safety, operation and durability and yet provide a welcoming appearance to visitors.

Efficiency demands an enhanced capacity for visual surveillance to enable as few as two officers to operate the station. Harsh weather conditions during winter require a strong canopy roof to provide shelter for exterior control operations.

Project Timeline

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Further accolades for border control station
Inaugurating sustainable design at the U.S. border
Global Entry 2012
Energy and water efficient border control station in Maine wins Bronze Award
“Adroit synthesis of design and technology” – Holcim Awards Jury
Project Entry 2011 for Region North America
Project Details
Van Buren, ME, USA
Julie Snow
Main Author
Julie Snow
Julie Snow Architects, USA
Matthew Kreilich
Further Authors
Matthew Kreilich
Julie Snow Architects, USA
Bronze 2011
North America
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