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Project Summary

Coastal fog-harvesting tower

Huasco is an arid agricultural region dependent on irrigation. With its river depleted, the Coastal fog-harvesting tower proposes an ingenious solution using only wind energy and gravity. The 200m tall tower is constructed as a spiral that collects water particles from coastal fog, filters out salt by reverse osmosis and distributes freshwater to an otherwise declining agricultural area.

Project Timeline

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A tower of strength
Harvesting water from the air
“Next Generation” prize for project vision in Chile
“Innovative, simple and elegant solution” – Holcim Awards Jury
Project Entry 2008 for Latin America
Project Details
Huasco, Chile
Alberto Fernandez Gonzalez
Main Author
Alberto Fernandez Gonzalez
Susana Valeria Ortega Gomez
Further Authors
Susana Valeria Ortega Gomez
"Next Generation" 1st prize 2008
Latin America
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