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Bio Ceramic

Moss-grafted clay tiles for green roofs

This materials research project explores the bio-receptivity of ceramics, taking advantage of the material’s porosity that allows it to retain water and using natural fibers such as mosses.

The research examines how ceramics, like roof tiles, can become support the organisms, enhancing the material performance in terms of thermal and acoustic parameters – and furthermore photosynthetic organisms also improve air quality and alleviate urban heat island effects.

Project Timeline

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Investigating the material properties of “bio-ceramics”
“Sustainability? Understand how a plant lives” - Iker Luna
“Next Generation” prize to a materials research project for green roofs
“A potentially new understanding of materials in construction” – Holcim Awards Jury
Project Entry 2014 Europe
Project Details
Barcelona, Spain
Iker Luna
Main Author
Iker Luna
The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Spain
"Next Generation" 3rd prize 2014
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“Sustainability? Understand how a plant lives”
“Sustainability? Understand how a plant lives”

Iker Luna from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia researches how plants including mosses are able to …

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