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Responsive sustainable shading system

Cooling as a process is one of the biggest energy consumers in the building sector globally. Air-shade addresses this problem by proposing a shading system that is sensitive to solar exposure and powered by air – with no need of any external energy source.

It can vary in scale, size, material, and form: the proposed device is therefore applicable to a broad variety of buildings, constructions, façades, roofs, windows, etc.

Project Timeline

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Dancing on air
Transferring a low-technology artifact to create a high-technology apparatus
“Sustainability? Play with the structure” - Nikola Znaor
“Next Generation” prize to a responsive sustainable shading system
“An ingenious approach to problem solving” – Holcim Awards Jury
Project Entry 2014 Europe
Project Details
Vienna, Austria
Nikola Znaor
Main Author
Nikola Znaor
Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria
Patent pending: EP14165178 “Responsive shading system sensitive to solar exposure powered by air”
"Next Generation" 6th prize 2014
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“Sustainability? Play with the structure”
“Sustainability? Play with the structure”

Nikola Znaor believes that sustainable construction needs to consider ecological, economic and social aspects and also …

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