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Curriculum Vitae

Elliott P Montgomery

“The tools of designers must manage unpredictable systems.” – Elliott P Montgomery, …
“The tools of designers must manage unpredictable systems.” – Elliott P Montgomery, Assistant Professor, Parsons School of Design, The New School, USA.


Elliott P Montgomery is Assistant Professor in the Parsons School of Design at The New School, New York, USA.

His teaching and research focus on speculative design, service design, and design research.

He is also Co-Founder of the Extrapolation Factory based in Brooklyn, NY, USA.

The Extrapolation Factory is an imagination-based studio for design-led futures studies. The studio develops experimental methods for collaboratively prototyping, experiencing and impacting future scenarios. Central to these methods is the creation of hypothetical future props and their deployment in familiar contexts such as 99¢ stores, science museums, vending machines and city sidewalks. With this work, the studio is exploring the value of rapidly imagined, prototyped, deployed and evaluated visions of possible futures on an extended time scale.

He uses designed artifacts and experiences to raise questions about impact responsibility. He has worked with startups, nonprofits, design consultancies and government agencies.

He studied Design Interactions from the Royal College of Art in London (2011) and Industrial Design at the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, USA (2003).

He was previously Design Research Resident, Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E), US Department of Energy and has held other project management and design positions.

Elliott P Montgomery was a workshop expert at the 5th International Forum for Sustainable Construction dedicated to “Infrastructure Space” held April 7-9, 2016 in Detroit, USA.

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New York, NY, USA
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