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Together with its affiliated universities, the Foundation advances the academic discussion …
Together with its affiliated universities, the Foundation advances the academic discussion of sustainable construction through the LafargeHolcim Forum. Every three years around 300 experts from around the world meet to discuss challenges of today’s urbanization processes and built environment.

The LafargeHolcim Forum is a series of conferences on the topic of sustainable construction conducted by the Foundation that takes place every three years. The multi-day Forum including workshops and site visits is an academic platform for architects, engineers, construction professionals and specialists of all generations to exchange information on creating a sustainable built environment and thus advancing sustainable development.

The next (6th) LafargeHolcim Forum will take place on April 4-6 2019 in Cairo, Egypt.

6th Forum 2019 – Cairo, Egypt – “Re-Materializing Construction”

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The Forum supports sustainable construction in the scientific field, among experts in the construction sector, business and society, and promotes interdisciplinary dialogue, bring forward new ideas, and examine potential solutions.

5th Forum 2016 – Detroit, USA – “Infrastructure Space”

4th Forum 2013 – Mumbai, India – “Economy of Sustainable Construction”

3rd Forum 2010 – Mexico City, Mexico – “Re-inventing Construction”

2nd Forum 2007 – Shanghai, China – “Urban_Trans_Formation”

1st Forum 2004 – Zurich, Switzerland – “Basic Needs”

Last Updated: May 19, 2017
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